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Bernard from United Kingdom

[Neutral] Not a suggestion, just thanks for the great website, and nice job with the 'Hints' feature

unpaiktable from Greece

[Neutral] Can you please remove the start time/date of the games from the paranoid mode?

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Not sure what you mean exactly, can you elaborate?

Fred from Germany

[Neutral] Can't you make it again so that we can navigate from day+1 or day-1 with the little arrows up and down (I hope you know what I mean) like it was before? Now I always have to go on the calendar and click a specific day. Hard to just browse for a good game.

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Hmm, but the arrow buttons are still there, no?

Fred from Germany

[Neutral] Now I see them again, very strange. Will screenshot it next time. Thx for the feedback

Olivier from France

[Neutral] Hi Nic,
When looking at my bookmarks in the dashboard, I can't see the games' evaluations anymore. Pressing the eye icon doesn't change anything...

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Whoops, it’s fixed..

Olivier from France

[Neutral] That was fast, thanks !
It still doesn't 'remember" if I clicked the eye icon or not (like it does in the Top Games page), but it's a lot better already.

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Not sure if what you're describing is expected behaviour or not. Ratings are always hidden and can be revealed with the eye icon if either you have bookmarked the game or if you're in paranoid mode (settings). But revealing the rating is never remembered after reloading the page. Is that different on your end?
If you want to save a game without the rating hidden, you can use the heart button.

Olivier from France

[Neutral] Oh, OK, it's definitely expected behaviour then.
I was looking for a quick way to compare ratings for saved games.
Maybe you can add a "reveal all" button, or a page for "your hearted games" in the future.
In the meantime I can just click eye icons one by one...
Thanks for the fix and the explanations !

Jacek from Ireland

[Neutral] Hi Admin. Great work with your website. Just one thing: Daily Recap is not working for me. When I click Play All or Select Videos to play selection then I'm getting a red prompt "Can't play team vs team" or "Can't play team vs team, no consent". Regards

admin from Germany

[Neutral] I'll make those error messages more clear. In general can't play means there's no source available that can be played on your device. No consent means the only available source is YouTube which requires your consent by ticking the "I accept Google's TOS..." checkbox

iviireczech from Czechia

[Neutral] Hi, I really appreciate your work. Have you considered adding a link to the for replays?

Inga from South Africa

[Neutral] Being able to see players stats and season overall and Best performances against a team

Mike Hunt from United States

[Neutral] having WNBA games

vanish2k from Russia

[Neutral] Players' personal stats for every match are missing. I need that.

Admin, please fix it :\ Thanks!

CMer from Australia

[Neutral] Just letting you know today doesn't seem to be updating. Love the site!


vanish2k from Russia

[Neutral] Hello! Why no stats for todays matches? 12 Jan'

vanish2k from Russia

[Neutral] Man, i'm so addicted :D Love this site! <3

Guy from Belgium

[Neutral] Hi, yesterday's quotations are not visible? Also: can I make a donation without PayPal?

Nati from Israel

[Neutral] Hi - best website ever!
Is there an option to add an embedded playlist of all games played on a specific date?
Every game has its own MP4 highlight, but sometimes I want to see all of these vids while doing something else and don't want to "click" the MP4 link each time again and again.

admin from Germany

[Neutral] This was actually just added, but is currently only available for registered users.