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William Gordon from United States

[Neutral] NBA teams that sit out their entire starting lineup for rest,The nba should allow the opposing team fans get half their money back that night by going to the ticket office at halftime or in of game. The have that organization of that team , who sat out those players reimburse the other organization. Why should the paying fans continue to be cheated. The NBaA should be held accountable.

vanish2k from Earth

[Neutral] I can't rate any game in October after Novermber started...
Is it intended or a bug?

Llotyhy from Netherlands

[Neutral] Hey Nic,
Any chance you could give us an update on what's going on?

vanish2k from Earth

[Neutral] What do you mean?

Mike from Earth

[Neutral] Hi Nic, appreciate what you do with the site. Any chance you can get the game rating score back up?

Franz from Earth

[Neutral] Hallo Nic! Ich bin ein wikihoops User der alten Schule (auch schon Mal donator). Hast du denn vor die Statistiken wieder in wikihoops anzuzeigen oder wird es so bleiben wie bisher in dieser Saison? LG Franz

Allen from Earth

[Neutral] It would be great to know about games that are on national tv (TNT/ABC/ESPN)
thank you

vanish2k from Earth

[Neutral] Hope, the box score gets back. I really miss it

admin from Germany

[Neutral] You and me both brother ;)

Lizard People from Earth

[Neutral] Can you make something so we can speed up forward and backward 10 sec ? Double tap on smartphone.?

ferasferas from Earth

[Neutral] Hi there,

Why there is no rating anymore ?

CMer from Australia

[Neutral] Hey! Love the site it's been my go to for finding out which games I can watch based on the ratings. Are the ratings/voting coming back?

CMer from Australia

[Neutral] Thanks for getting the ratings back!

Jim from Earth

[Neutral] Please fix the voting. It doesnt work for past 2 days

Christian from Germany

[Neutral] Please reinstall the votingsystem.

Guy from Belgium

[Neutral] No ratings for yesterday's games?

Zuzu from Earth

[Neutral] Hi, it seems that the ratings are not possible to do anymore?

Robi from Croatia

[Neutral] Hi,
Motion station channel is uploading recaps, but this site don't link to any recap :/
Can you fix it ?

dd from Earth

[Neutral] +1