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[Neutral] Hi

Ronald from Earth · · Reply

[Neutral] Hope to see you next season! Keep up the great work. Cheers! <3

vanish2k from Russia · · Reply

[Neutral] Hello, thanks for the very good site.
Is it possible to reveal the score quarter by quarter?

tvcat from Malaysia · · Reply

[Neutral] Season still off bcoz of covid 19.I'm still waiting 4 basketball season to resume.

Fezz from United States · · Reply

[Neutral] Site's broken on firefox for iOS.

Klaas from Netherlands · · Reply

[Neutral] Scoring box is way below intended space.

Klaas from Netherlands · · Reply

[Neutral] How about now? Can’t test on that particular setup unfortunately. Firefox/macOS looks fine though.

admin from Germany · · Reply

[Neutral] Hi

Ethan from Earth · · Reply

[Neutral] Can you please add the WNBA

Mac from Earth · · Reply

[Neutral] That’s not a suggestion, only a greeting message. Thanks so much for the site. You are doing a huge and magnificent job, not only to avoid spoiler, but to be able to assess which game is worth watching. Questions hint are wonderful, helping a lot more to make a decision. Keep doing great. Love this game. ????????

Edo from Italy · · Reply

[Neutral] Sorry about the bug. Was not able to respond sooner. Should be fixed now.

admin from Germany · · Reply

[Neutral] Thanks!

vanish2k from Russia · · Reply

[Neutral] Fixed indeed! Thanks a lot!

ZulluBaller from Switzerland · · Reply

[Neutral] Yes, looks great. Thanks mate.

Hugo from Germany · · Reply

[Neutral] There are still some bugs. When you click on Playoffs -> Gamedays there are some games missing (Celtics vs Raptors missing for the last night, Bucks vs Heat missing for Aug 31st). It seems like Gamedays only takes into account first round series games.

user from Croatia · · Reply

[Neutral] That’s by design. When you click on Playoffs you get the 1st Round games only to avoid spoilers. MIL vs MIA and BOS vs TOR are on the Conference Semifinals page. If you want to see all games regardless of round you can click ALL GAMES or select a date from the calendar.

admin from Germany · · Reply

[Neutral] Oh thanks, haven't noticed those two options.
However, they might be a little bit confusing because Gamedays already has a word "spoilers" in brackets so maybe add a question mark and, on hover, a text box to explain what that means?
Or at least some indicator that the default page when you click on "PLAYOFFS" is the first round series page and you have to click on "All games" to get the regular season Wikihoops behavior.
Also, keep up the good work.

user from Croatia · · Reply

[Neutral] something seems wrong with the playoffs, it says "no data available"...

Andrej from Germany · · Reply

Just change the date manually if the games wont show for next days...

Hugo from Germany · · Reply

[Neutral] Hi!

Absolutely love what you do here. The rating system is awesome and helps me choosing the best game(s) to watch in the morning from the Netherlands.

I just can't find the playoffs games from this year! I know there is a 'playoffs' tab, but that is empty for me. Hope that this can be fixed :)

Douwe from Netherlands · · Reply

[Neutral] Hey guys!

Idont Manage to watch the all playoffs games, its show only future games

Nadav from Israel · · Reply

[Neutral] Why can't I see Mavs vs Clippers?
It seems that when the game starts/finishes its no longer available to be seen?

Tadi from Slovenia · · Reply

Just change the date manually if the games wont show for next days...

vanish2k from Russia · · Reply

[Neutral] Thanks for stepping in during this crisis :)

admin from Germany · · Reply

[Neutral] The "PLAYOFFS" page is kinda inconvenient. For instance, right now on the 18th it is displaying only the four series that have games happening today and it is not at all obvious how to access one of the other series (like to check out yesterday's game). There could at least be a clearly visible link to the other series, that would be absolutely spoiler-safe.

Igor from Russia · · Reply