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G-anon from Earth

[Neutral] Wondered if we can get the only good feature the nba official app has. Favourite team goes to the top of the schedule list. Would make it easier when flicking through or checking the app daily to know if your team played. Otherwise this is near perfect. I feel obliged to donate. Thanks for this

Piotr from Poland

[Neutral] Hi,

I try to login but I can't. choose " forgot password" and I do not receive token. Nothing's at my mailbox. I tried couple od times.

Coupe You help me please

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Make sure you enter the email you used for the sign up (likely your PayPal email). Please double check it's the right address. If you can't make it work, please send me an email with your username.

josh from United States

[Neutral] Just wanted to say this site is fantastic and really helps me get the most out of the limited time I have to watch games with two young kids. Thank you for creating this!

Nicolas from Australia

[Neutral] Hi

I’d love to be able to see a list of players who played in a game (without any other spoilers or game ratings)

I find these days the marquee matchups in the schedule are almost always spoiled by star players sitting out a game to rest


Nicolas from Australia

[Neutral] is exactly what I was after!

Marc from Earth

[Neutral] Hi, absolutely love this website! I’ve noticed the full screen button doesn’t work when watching a YouTube recap on iOS/chrome. Just checked safari and it doesn’t work there either. Anyone else have this issue?

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Fullscreen doesn’t work on iOS by design on Apple’s part. See

Marc from Earth

@admin [Neutral] Ahhh right, I had assumed it was a video tag or an embedded yt player. I did always wonder how you got the intro animation overtop. Thanks for the reply!

admin from Germany

@Marc [Neutral] The YT player displays the video title whenever you start or pause a video. And since those contain spoilers most of the time it had to be done this way in order to hide them.

Bren0man from Australia

[Neutral] Hi mate.

Once a user donates and has an active membership, is there any way to hide the donate element from the main page until the membership expires?

If not, this would be a very much appreciated feature. To me it's like a neverending stream of asking for more donations.

Thanks so much for this amazing website.


Tom from Earth

[Neutral] Thank you very much for this site. I want to donate but you only accept PayPal and I closed all my accounts after they changed their TOS to fine us $2500 for free speech. Will you provide another way?

TMZee from Earth

[Neutral] Game rates are kind of spoilers.
I've been using this site every day for a while now (third season) and I absolutely LOVE it.
But after a few months I've learned what each number in the scale mean and it spoils the game..
earlier this year you removed the X/10 scale and I really liked it. for once I actually had a way to see which game people liked without knowing how close is will be at the end (7-8/10) or if it went to overtime (9/10) or had a buzzer beater game winning shot (10/10).
I've read some comments here and saw that people likes and game rates. Could you make it a user toggleable thing or even implement it in a different less spoilery way like games which you would rate higher would start with more likes?

Thanks for the hard work! this is an incredible site and I always recommend it to everyone who watches the NBA.

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Appreciate the feedback! I will of course keep it in mind going forward. However in the end everything is kind of a spoiler. More upvotes pretty much guarantee that it was a close game as well. Also, if you look at the top games list, not all 8+ games are OT games or buzzer beaters and not all OT games are rated 8+, so your interpretation isn’t entirely accurate. But yes, I get what you're saying.

Adam Silver from Poland

[Neutral] Totally agree!
Imagine amazing match 181-180 with 5 OTs and buzzer beater. The rates would be so high you know it's amazing match. My suggestion is to: 1) hide rates, 2) highlight "Match of the day" - with the highest rates. This way you know it's a best match of the day but maybe other were boring...

iviireczech from Czechia

[Neutral] Game rates are back! Good job, thx

Lemms72 from Earth

[Neutral] Thx for the game rates 🫶🏼

admin from Germany

[Neutral] No worries