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Lemms72 from Germany

[Neutral] could you please adjust the links to the League Pass?
when I use the first one (coming from wikihoops) then I couldnt watch the game cause i cant loggin (or the loggin is succsessfully but didnt remember).
Ive to click on the ribbon "games" on this site (first link) and then choose the game I want - this ist the second link. There is no problem with loggin in.

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Ok, hope it's working now.

Jim from Finland

[Neutral] What does the number between thumbs up and down mean?

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Rating (x/10) + upvotes - downvotes.

I am human from Earth

[Neutral] Could you please put game times in you listings? Its so we can tell if a game is scheduled at the same time or one after another. Love the site thanks!

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Game time is in the hints tab.

unpaiktable from Greece

[Neutral] Why on earth did so many people downvote the Bucks - Heat game?

mattlambertson from United States

[Neutral] Would be fantastically awesome if you could do links to the WNBA recaps. I don't think there is any other way to watch them without seeing the score first. Even if you have to wait 'til after the NBA playoffs to have time, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated :)

Lemms72 from Germany

[Neutral] +1
Let me know, if you need some donations for that.

mattlambertson from United States

[Neutral] Thank you!!!

magic from Poland

[Neutral] Clicking a datę on the calendar should take us to this day, not last day of the regular season imho

Lemms72 from Germany

[Neutral] I love the new update on the scores table. Thx for this

vanish2k from Earth

[Neutral] sorry, this one< check the scores table

vanish2k from Earth

[Neutral] lmao, the scores columns can't handle Steph Curry 3pt-shooting :D
Check this:

Jean-Baptiste from France

[Neutral] Hello,

Sorry if this is not the right place, but I recently noticed Cody Martin doesn't appear in the Hornets boxscores; I checked his last 5 games (01/05, 28/04, 27/04, 25/04 and 23/04) and his first 2 (23/12/2020 and 26/12/2020).
Maybe an issue with two C. Martin in the same team?

Anyway, thank you for an amazing site!

admin from Germany

[Neutral] That’s exactly what the issue was (C. Martin). Good catch, thanks! It’s fixed now.

Marlo from Philippines

[Neutral] Is it possible to register without donating? I do not have paypal nor credit card :(

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Send me an email, I'll hook you up

Bernard from United Kingdom

[Neutral] Not a suggestion, just thanks for the great website, and nice job with the 'Hints' feature