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AdoMartinus from Poland

[Neutral] What happened to game recaps?

Roman from Austria

[Neutral] Hey.. first thanks for this website.
I kinda noticed that it seems that games only (or mostly) get valued if they were close or had overtimes.
I'd be happy if also other aspects could be valued such as game intensity, special events like career highs, and also relavance of the game (regarding standings and current winning streaks).

Thank you!

Someone from Earth

[Neutral] Would it be feasible to have an option to view the Starting 5 line-up for each team on a completed game? E.g. if there is a pair of highly rated games, yet one match-up has half of the usual starting 5 out, or is missing a heap of players I would like to see play, would be nice to have a way to 'discover' this without having to lookup the box score in a 'spoiler-free' way.

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Click on hints (the ? icon)

Someone from Earth

@admin [Neutral] Yes, I only just realized this, embarrassingly. Thanks again for the site.

Julius Carstensen from Denmark

[Neutral] I sometimes watch highlihgts on my phone and i dont know if it is jus me but i cant go fullscreen.

admin from Germany

[Neutral] IPhone or android?

Julius Carstensen from Denmark

@admin [Neutral] IPhone

Rytis from Republic of Lithuania

[Neutral] When I look at the played games list for a day (with paranoid option on so I don't get spoiled), I would like to see the teams' records before that match and which games are broadcast on ESPN / TNT. That's how I decide which games to watch: I mostly choose ESPN/TNT games of teams with best records. Thank you, if that's possible :)

ewest from United States

[Neutral] Is it possible to include YouTube video links for US users? For example, the recent Pacers-Raptors video recap is accessible to me at

Not sure if these videos are what users outside the US see, but they are roughly 10-minute condensed versions of the games produced by the NBA. Thanks!

MarSohr from Netherlands

[Neutral] Is it possible to create a watched list in our dashboard? Would be helpful to have an overview of the games I have seen.

admin from Germany

[Neutral] I mean that's basically what the bookmark thingy was made for.. would that work for you?

MarSohr from Netherlands

@admin [Neutral] Yes, I do see that and it mostly works. I bookmark any game I want to see and give it a heart when I liked the game. I was just thinking if an icon could be added for when you've watched a game (but didn't like it enough to give it a heart :D). Just my 2 cents though. I've been using your website for years now! Best and most user-friendly spoiler-free one out there. Keep up the good work!

admin from Germany

@MarSohr [Neutral] You can now also add notes to your bookmarked games, so you could just add a comment "Watched it" or something and it will show that on top of the game.

Sebastian from Sweden

[Neutral] Hi!

You should add what time the games are/were played.

I live in Sweden, so I watch the games the day after.

I have to google another spoiler free schedule just to be sure in what order to watch the games, if I watch more than one. Otherwise the earlier games are spoiled by the commentators or the banners on screen.


admin from Germany

[Neutral] Click on hints, there’s the scheduled game time.

Mick from Denmark

[Neutral] The games are listed in the order they are played. dont get this post