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[Neutral] Hey man is it possible to implement a 'already watched' marker on each game, like you click on each game, it will also let you know the last game you left on so you can catch up from there, in case you forgot last game you watched.
and thanks for everything also.

Frank jaeger from United Kingdom Reply

[Neutral] Already done and coming with the next update..

admin from Germany Reply

[Neutral] Thanks for the great page.

Any chance to move the button for previous day on top of the scores (next to the button for next day)? If the day has already switched to next one (like 4th of August today) I need to scroll down all the way down to before I can click to see which was the best game to see from previous night (Aug 3rd). Small thing, but would improve user friendliness I think

PT from Netherlands Reply

[Neutral] Thank you for the new look. Nice an clean design. I love the new features eg „point difference“ or „leading scorer“

Lemms72 from Germany Reply

[Neutral] Haha, the new ones are even better. „So, should I watch the Game?“

Lemms72 from Germany Reply

[Neutral] Well thank you, also for the generous contribution. Much appreciated :)

admin from Germany Reply

[Neutral] Hi, will there be possibility to change page settings without an account?

Marcin from Poland Reply

[Neutral] Some settings will be available for all users soon, yes.

admin from Germany Reply

[Neutral] Hello,

there is problem with algorithm - it doesn't display game rating 0-10 on july 30th games.

Great_Work! from Poland Reply

[Neutral] Site had some hiccups on the first day in the bubble..

admin from Germany Reply

[Neutral] What happened to users' accounts? I can't log in.

Harden from Portugal Reply

[Neutral] For technical reasons you have to reset your password once, then you should be able to log in.

admin from Germany Reply

[Neutral] Never received an e-mail with the token...

Harden from Portugal Reply

[Neutral] Please send me your username to admin at and I'll look into it

admin from Germany Reply

[Neutral] Hey, big fan of the site.
What happened to everything from before the 19-20 season? I was working my way through some old games but the ratings for old seasons have disappeared? Are they coming back?

Jamie from United Kingdom Reply

[Neutral] Added links to season archives here:

admin from Germany Reply