• Who won?
    Pelicans won.
  • Who were the starters for SAC?
    D. Fox, D. Sabonis, H. Barnes, K. Huerter, K. Murray
  • Who were the starters for NOP?
    B. Ingram, D. Daniels, H. Jones, J. Valanciunas, Z. Williamson
  • Who was the leading scorer for SAC?
    H. Barnes (16 Pts, 0 Ast, 4 Reb)
  • Who was the leading scorer for NOP?
    B. Ingram (31 Pts, 3 Ast, 4 Reb)
  • Did the game go to OT?
  • What’s the final score difference?
    36 Points
  • How many points in each quarter?
  • OK, and how many free throws?
    45 total free throws in the game.
  • What about turnovers?
    23 turnovers by both teams combined.
  • Soo… should I watch this game or no?
    Just watch the highlights.


Awande khoza from Earth

[Neutral] Well this is the best gamee💗

Snenhlanhla from United States

[Neutral] ❤️❤️💐💐.

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