• Who won?
    Cavs won.
  • Who were the starters for CLE?
    C. Sexton, D. Garland, D. Wade, I. Okoro, J. Allen
  • Who were the starters for PHI?
    B. Simmons, D. Green, F. Korkmaz, J. Embiid, S. Curry
  • Who was the leading scorer for CLE?
    C. Sexton (28 Pts, 3 Ast, 5 Reb)
  • Who was the leading scorer for PHI?
    J. Embiid (42 Pts, 6 Ast, 13 Reb)
  • Did the game go to OT?
  • What’s the final score difference?
    3 Points
  • How many points in each quarter?
  • OK, and how many free throws?
    64 total free throws in the game.
  • What about turnovers?
    35 turnovers by both teams combined.
  • Soo… should I watch this game or no?
    Not sure. Check the rating maybe.


vanish2k from Earth

[Neutral] EPIC, probably legendary game in which Ben Simmons drains his 4th triple in his career :D

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