Heat 125, Nuggets 105


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  • Who won?
    Heat won.
  • Who were the starters for MIA?
    B. Adebayo, D. Robinson, J. Butler, J. Crowder, K. Nunn
  • Who were the starters for DEN?
    M. Morris, M. Porter Jr., N. Jokic, P. Millsap, T. Craig
  • Who was the leading scorer for MIA?
    J. Butler (22 Pts, 7 Ast, 4 Reb)
  • Who was the leading scorer for DEN?
    N. Jokic (19 Pts, 6 Ast, 7 Reb)
  • Did the game go to OT?
  • What’s the final score difference?
    20 Points
  • How many points in each quarter?
  • What about turnovers?
    34 turnovers by both teams combined.
  • Soo… should I watch this game or no?
    Just watch the highlights.


Anon from Germany

[Neutral] I always used wikihoops because of its clean and easy box score interface, is there a chance u bring that back? I'm quite sad that I have to use ESPN or NBA.com for that now, because I hate both sites (-:

(before tip-off)
admin from Germany

[Neutral] Not sure what you mean, box score layout is exactly as it used to be, no?

Anon from Germany

[Neutral] Yes. sorry, I found it. I used to click twice on the game, once to only show the score, second time to show the box score. Now it's "details" which is just as fine

admin from Germany

[Neutral] Yea, maybe I'll bring back the double click behaviour..

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