Playoffs 2019

Warriors 109 – Raptors 118

Raptors take NBA Finals opener, beat Warriors 118-109 (ESPN)

Pascal Siakam scored a playoff career-high 32 points and the Toronto Raptors won the first NBA Finals game played outside the U.S., beating the Golden State Warriors 118-109 on Thursday night.



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Who won?Raptors won.
Who were the starters for GSW?A. Iguodala, D. Green, J. Bell, K. Thompson, S. Curry
Who were the starters for TOR?D. Green, K. Leonard, K. Lowry, M. Gasol, P. Siakam
Who was the leading scorer for GSW?S. Curry (34 Pts, 5 Ast, 5 Reb)
Who was the leading scorer for TOR?P. Siakam (32 Pts, 5 Ast, 8 Reb)
Did the game go to OT?No.
What’s the final score difference?9 Points
What about turnovers?27 turnovers by both teams combined.
Soo… should I watch this game or no?Definitely.


[Neutral] raps in 4

loopha from United States (before tip-off) Reply

[Neutral] Loopha u are retarded you moron

Fuck loopha from Germany Reply

[Neutral] There is a reason this is spoiler free website, your IP should be forever banned from here

Loopha you moron from Germany Reply

[Neutral] That comment was made before the game started, so not really a spoiler..

admin from Germany Reply

[Neutral] @admin: But we many of us didn't notice it.. so I thought I've got it spoiled anyway..

OSiRiS from Earth Reply

[Neutral] It was just a prediction to show my support. I thought it was obvious considering I'm not saying who's 1-0 up but *predicting* the complete series hour before the game even started.
Sorry if you felt spoiled, that was not my intention.

loopha from United States Reply

[Neutral] @OSiRiS: I understand, that's why I masked it. However, it's the Finals, don't even think about reading the comments!

admin from Germany Reply