27 Feb 2016 / Warriors at Thunder


[Grin] Greatest game ever

hmm from Earth —


admin from Germany —

[Neutral] GSW very lucky Kevin fouled out there and then the last shot too. I mean c'mon...

chefcurry from Earth —

[Baffled] OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH.... My heart is pounding so hard!! BEST GAME YOU'LL SEE THIS SEASON!! Wow...

Edo from Italy —

[Grin] Oh my god, what a game! Unbelivable!

c'mon from Germany —

[Neutral] Basketball on the highest level. Great game. Must watch.

Cyborg from Switzerland —

[Neutral] this is some playoff shit right here
curry - unreal

KDpls from Bulgaria —

[Grin] Best game of the season so far!

Will from United Kingdom —

[Neutral] 133 up based on 127 votes?

Speedy from Poland —

[Neutral] 10 + (123 based on 127 votes)

admin from Germany —

[Neutral] Easily game of the year guys, if you don't know the result yet, you have to watch this

First time commenter from Austria —

[Neutral] No spoilers

GOTY for sure! from Finland —