1 Nov 2019 / Lakers at Mavs


[Happy] Lakers got this!

Dzicko from Earth —

[Neutral] We'll see.

Hugo from Earth —

[Neutral] Me too will see. Snowye got this.

Russianhacker from Russia —

[Grin] Don’t miss this game. Absolute classic.

Jeff Dahmer from United States —

[Grin] Super exciting 2nd half and incredible individual performances! The best game I've seen so far this season.

Art from United States —

[Grin] Slow burn towards an amazing 2nd half. Early GOTY candidate

Johnny from United States —

[Baffled] Great game with a truckload of highlights. 8++/10

Jarno from Finland —

[Happy] wasn't that unsportsmanlike of James, inbounding while Luka was down? I know the refs gave him the ball, but come on

JohnStarks from Germany —

[Grin] @JohnStarks that's called being smart - highest IQ ever!

LeGOAT from Poland —