29 Jan 2017 / Knicks at Hawks


[Happy] Had the pleasure of attending this game. What a show! Quadruple overtime and and not a single moment where it wasn't a dead heat. A real nail-biter for sure!

Skwah from United States —

[Neutral] That's called a spoiler d***.

Ick from Earth —

[Neutral] I don't think this was good basketball. Also stop the spoilers!

Mika from Earth —

[Neutral] Melo can play basketball. Thaibo was out. Millsap GOAT.

Lawrence Cook from Australia —

[Wondering] over-hyped game between the hawks and a shitty knicks team.

Dansky from Germany —

[Neutral] I agree with danky. not a good game. terrible broadcast as well by biased knicks guys

mantis from Earth —